At Freedom Energy we install sustainable power systems for your home, site or business. We provide, Solar Power as well as Wind and Hydro power systems. We specialise in Grid tied and off grid sustainable energy generation using Photovoltaic (PV) solar panels, wind and hydro turbine power systems. We also supply and install back-up generators and battery storage, low energy appliance’s and LED lighting to work with these systems. Our specifically designed power solutions perform at optimal levels and are matched to your needs and resources.


We only select from a range of high quality equipment such as Canadian Solar panels, Fronius Inverters, Outback Inverters, AP Systems and Enphase Inverters, These high quality products offer value for money and long term reliability. We have over 60 years of combined experience in electrical and mechanical installations and are experts in sustainable power generation for grid tied and off grid systems. Freedom Energy provides quality product, personal service and after sales support second to none.


We offer a free local visit to your home, site or business to assess your requirements after receiving a Proposal Request. We can then guide you through the process and provide a concise proposal. For remote sites we can provide email estimates from plans and pictures.  Request your customized proposal.


Proudly Members of the

“Solar Energy Society of Alberta”


“Canadian Solar Industries Association

Canadian Solar Industries Association