A grid tie system enables you to generate electricity to offset your consumption.  The majority use photovoltaic (PV) solar modules but wind and micro-hydro are possible on suitable sites.  Grid tie systems do not have a battery, you use solar power produced in “real time” and export any surplus production to the grid supply and earn a credit for it. On low production days, at night or early morning you can draw power at your normal rate from the grid.

Because you are still connected to the grid it is possible to run loads that would present problems for an off grid system. Grid tie systems work best to reduce your power bill when you balance your consumption by avoiding running heavy power use appliances all at the same time, using timers to run appliances during the day and employing energy efficiency measures to reduce your overall power draw.

A grid tied system needs input from both a retailer (to accept your exported power) and your lines company (the power will flow through their network).  Freedom Energy will organise the necessary permissions to connect your system and assist in changing to the most advantageous retailer if necessary.

Cost saving benefits

Once the system has been installed it starts to pay for itself.  In summer you can produce more than you consume and be in credit.  In winter you will consume more than you produce and use that credit.  If correctly sized, over the course of a year the system will produce as much solar electricity as you consume so your total annual power consumption can be nil!  Just the time of production and consumption will be different – you are using the grid as a battery to “store” your surplus.  Because the grid tie system has no chemical battery t
here is effectively no ongoing running cost.  Maintenance is minimal, just ensuring the solar array does not become dirty.

If the price of power increases, in most cases the rate which you are paid for your export power will increase and keep pace.  You won’t have to worry about price increases and the system simply pays for itself faster!  Given the recent annual cost rises for electricity seen in many locations, it is quite feasible that systems will earn well above their cost within reasonable time frames and offer better returns than many “safe” investments currently do!

 Good for the environment

The components of our solar power systems are selected for quality and long service life.  Most good photovoltaic panels carry 25 year performance warranties with a working life well in excess of this.  Manufacturers are increasingly striving to make products that are easier to recycle.

With your grid tie system you are taking responsibility for your electricity consumption.  Hopefully the operation of the system will raise your awareness of other aspects of your life that are reliant on outside services and enable you to make choices that reduce your impact on the environment.